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    Important Online Reputation Management Strategies

    The reputation management of a business or company is important to get customers and increase sales. The better is the visibility, better is the chance for growth and expansion. However, with visibility a positive reputation and feedback for the company is equally important to generate trust.

    AI-Powered Tool for Better Management of Reputation

    Rectangled provides a well-integrated online reputation management tools that works on AI. Our tool helps businesses to maintain a positive reputation in the market. This helps in getting better visibility on the search engine and hence increase in the sales and customer experience. AI helps in automated management of the tool.

    As an advanced online reputation platform,we help business grow by getting better reviews as well as feedbacks. Our management tool is easy to use and integrate and helps in keeping a track of what the audience say. We offer a comprehensive solution for collecting feedbacks and customer reviews.

    One Stop Tool for Managing Reputation Digitally

    In order for a business to grow, it needs to be backed by strong customer review and satisfaction. The higher is the positive rating and feedback, more is the trust in the market. We help businesses to track the activities with real time dashboards and show complete analytics.

    • Our online reputation platform help in driving more sales by helping to get quick positive reviews from customers and feedbacks through interactive forms.
    • We help in increasing the brand presence both online and offline through referrals, word of mouth and social promotion.
    • Engage with customers and connect them for better feedback and review through email, SMS, Kiosk, online contact. This helps in getting reviews quickly.
    • Rectangledhelps in increasing local SEO and hence organic visibility of a business. This helps in better growth and customer growth.

    Interactive and Well-Integrated Real Time Dashboard

    Our real time dashboard is a one-in-all medium for companies to keep a track of the live reviews from the customers. The dashboard gives information about number of reviews captures and engagement metrics by the users. The dashboard even provides a platform for replying to the reviews as well as keep a track of activities.

    The dashboard is a great asset to the businesses for generating automated reports. As a leading online reputation platform, generating quick and genuine reviews from customers is our primary goal for the companies and services. The higher are the positive reviews, it is better for the image of the company.

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