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    How Online Reviews Can Increase Your Profit?

    Online reputation for a business or brand matters a lot. Most customers choose to purchase a service or products based on the reviews by the customers. Internet is a global platform, and one negative review can damage the reputation. Rectangled helps in strategic online reputation management for businesses.

    Impact of Online Reviews on a Business

    The growth of a business and its sales largely depends on its online impression. When the business has good ratings and reviews, it generates a trust amongst the customers or clients. A negative review damages the reputation even if it is just a single one.

    We help with reputation management for businesses as we generate online reviews that are positive and leaves a good impression on the customer. No matter what the business is all about, a customer or client would first check for online reviews before making the purchase or availing the service.

    Better Sales and Growth of Business

    The growth of the business is determined largely by number of sales and profit earned. Now, we help to generate online reviews by guiding the happy customers. There are many customers who are happy with the product or service but forget to leave a good review.

    • We will automate the system and guide the customers to fill in the reviews. We will help the customers to complete reviews on the site.
    • Our systemic ORM system notify about bad reviews and give a chance to fix the same before it goes online.
    • We help in creating positive reviews by including appropriate questions for the customers to answer.
    • Rectangled use a simple strategic process to increase positive reviews and a chance to fix the issues with unhappy customers to prevent negative reviews.

    The online reputation management is extremely important for better business growth and profit. The higher is the number of positive reviews, it attracts more customers. More customers mean better growth and increase in profit and revenue.

    Manage the Reputation Online

    The online reputation has become important over these years. This is because most people use internet to access information and for everything look for the customer feedback or review. Even one bad review is enough to spoil the reputation.

    Our aim is to generate online reviews from customers who are happy with the service. We act as a bridge between businesses and customer experience. Our unique review system helps in getting reviewed in just 10 seconds. Improve the local SEO with positive and good reviews by customers.

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