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    How to Calculate Net Promoter Score?

    If you are looking for growing your business, you should be looking for better advertising. Net Promoter System and score matters a lot. NPS is vital for your business because that is the way you calculate how your clients recommend your brand to their friends.

    That means you should and must know your NPS score and for that, you need the NPS Score Calculator. However, you must know how it works so that you can measure it quite accurately and perfectly.

    Understanding NPS score and its calculation:

    NPS score is calculated based on your clients’ feedback and reviews. For instance, you can ask your customers to rate your product on the basis of how they would like to recommend the products to their friends on a scale of 10.

    If you get a score of 9-10, then the clients are considered to be promoters because they are satisfied and if you get a score of 6 or below 6, then you have detractors who do not have better product or service experience.

    You have to get those feedback and reviews from various web apps and that you can do by using smart tools and after getting the hard data, you can then use the NPS Score Calculator to get the average.

    If you are looking for calculating your NPS score, then you should seek professional help and Rectangled is the right place.

    How can we help you with your NOS score?

    It is not about getting the NPS score only because you still need to deal with your NPS score and make sure that the score is always better and we can do that for you, here is how we do it.

    • We make sure that we determine and define the objectives of NPS score for each of your department
    • We make sure that we engage your detractors in a more creative way so that you can improve upon your scores
    • We use smart tools to get the accurate NPS score and we use various methods and technicalities to enhance the NPS score and we also have the best professionals who are highly efficient in doing this and you can expect better results

    Business houses looking for NPS Score Calculator should understand the fat that it is not only about knowing the scores but also about dealing with it and for that you need smart professionals who can do it and Rectangled is the company that you can hire to carry out the job effectively.

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