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    How To Get More Online Reviews For Your Small Business?

    Good online reviews are important for growth and visibility of the small business. These reviews helps in increasing the trust factor in the potential customers. We help your business get good and positive reviews. The online reviews play a pivotal role in gaining the trust of the customers or clients.

    Grow the Business with Positive Reviews

    Rectangled helps in growth of the businesses by gaining and collecting positive reviews. One of the easiest and most convenient way to gain reviews is the Net Promoter Score or NPS. Our tool is very easy to use for collecting the reviews and feedback by the customer.

    • The tool is easy and convenient to get business reviews which is important for business growth. It helps in better visibility of a product or service.
    • The NPS is a tool which helps in predicting the future and growth of the business. The tool helps in collecting positive referrals for the business.
    • We have devised tools and review system that are easy to use. The customers help in rating the service or products of the business from a scale of 0 to 10.
    • It is an easy to use review tool. It becomes easy to get business reviews by determining the customer service and experience. It enhances the possibility of getting more positive reviews.

    Use an Easy to Use Tool for the Reviews

    On using a complicated tool, customers would want to skip the process of reviewing. Keeping in mind the convenience of the customer, we ask for the feedback and review by sending a format which is easy to use. Rectangled helps with increasing the visibility of the online review.

    We help in getting feedbacks from the customers. Our aim is to increase the good reviews and make sure that the bad reviews are converted to good ones. The good reviews helps with excelling the business and its growth amongst people.

    Helps with Better Response with Feedback

    At times, all businesses get a bad review but that should not be demotivating. With our expertise we help in converting the issue and covert the bad review into a good one. Our reputation management tool is powered by AI and helps with mending business reputation.

    We help in providing superfast and positive reviews and feedbacks for a business. Our automated creative forms help to get business reviews which helps in advocating a positive brand image. We provide tailored solution for every business based on its needs.

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