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    3 Fastest Steps to Earn Reviews and Grow your Business

    The success of a business very much depends on how a customer perceive a business. Now-a-days most people look for recommendation or reviews about a product or service online. A product or service with good online reviews gain furthermore customers. A single bad review however can be detrimental for the business reputation.

    STEP 1. Automate Sending Review Link to Customer

    No matter how good the experience went for a customer, most people forget or are not in habit of leaving a good review or even a point of view at all. Rectangled steps in here by triggering scheduled sms or whatsapp msgs or simple instore QR Scan, which are easy for customers to register their reviews on Google or any other platform that matters to your business.

    STEP 2. Easy and Convenient Feedback Forms

    For the customer who do not want to fill a heaps of questions feedback form. it is important to keep the form simple and most should be about ratings and important business metrices. The best way to get business reviews is by sending feedback forms which are creative and interactive. Truforms by Rectangled solves this problems. You can measure important parameters like NPS®, CES®2.0, CSAT, CHURN etc. A couple of ways that you can implement the survey forms are:

    • Digital forms for review or feedback can be sent via multiple way like email, SMS or even available on Kiosk located in-store.

    • Make sure to engage with the customer and reply to the feedbacks. Extend gratitude for a positive review and ask for scope of improvement on negative ones.

    • Keep the forms simple without having to fill in a lot of textual responses. The ratings like 1 to 10 is an excellent way to calculate the metrics eg. NPS®.

    • Easy to use interface and creative forms catch the eyes of the customers. This tempts the customer to leave a positive review for your business.

    STEP 3. Better Reputation Management with Positive Feedbacks

    The reputation of a business rely on how many positive reviews or feedbacks it has earned. To get business reviews that are positive, reputation management is important. The AI powered reputation management tool helps in improving the online reputation for a business. The forms are easy to automate and integrate. The responses of Feedback and Reviews are utilized to deliver Aspect based and Sentiment analysis. A happiness meter is an indicator of what the business is good at, and what needs to be improved.

    All in all, reputation management tools are changing the shave of how a business interacts with its paid clients. An ORM gives chance to the business to change a negative audience into positive one. This is done by dealing with the customer in a respected and convincing manner. The customer support and acknowledgement of the bad review can change the mind of the customer and in-turn maximize the review from new customers.

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