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    Ways to Get Customer Reviews, That Actually Work

    Customer reviews act as the best social proof. It is one of the strategies used by online marketers. Generating reviews for your product, services or blog is never easy. You may have to implement smart techniques. Afterall, more reviews converts to more revenue.

    Before we begin, We need to identify the challenges of a customer and the review they will render..

    You can’t ask for positive reviews directly.

    • You cannot regulate reviews, by asking a positive review directly

    • Reviews help improve your Local business’s Ranking

    • It connects you with customers and influences Purchase Decision

    As this is so essential, so you have to implement unique strategies, at multiple steps. You have to stay linked with the customer reviews websites and other social media platforms.

    1.Always provide with multiple options

    Limiting customers is never going to work in your favor. If you want to collect positive reviews, you have to ensure you provide them with multiple options. This means you have to focus on advertising on multiple online platforms.

    You have to offer them convenience so they can submit their reviews via other platforms as well. Advertise on multiple websites and platforms.

    2.Always make your request

    One of the most effective ways is to ask your customers directly. Just direct them towards the review section. If your customers are using your product or services you can ask for reviews. This can be via your website or customer reviews website.

    You can also make use of the social media platform for collecting reviews. Users who have used your product will never hesitate in leaving a positive review.

    3.Always offer an easy-to-use process

    Leaving review should never be a complicated process. The customer should be able to leave a review within one or two clicks. Ensure it is simple. You can include a link to your reviews section on the customer reviews website as well.

    4.Offer alluring incentives

    Why would anyone want to leave a positive review for your product? But if you offer some incentive in exchange for the review, then many may be interested. Incentives always act as motivational factors. Give incentives for the review, and not only for a positive review.

    Never make a statement that incentives are only for positive reviews. This will create a bad image of your product.

    You can also make it effective by using the magical word –“Thank you”. This is one word that has the power to turn negative reviews into a positive review. This concept can be used by you to collect customer reviews as well.

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